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Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre is a professional Watch Service Centre with extensive experience since 1979. We have been justifiably renowned amongst jewelers and aficionados for the quality and reliability of our service for over 30 years! We have repaired and restored thousands of watches that manufactures and even other watchmakers have given up on. Where most jewelers send your repair, we can successfully repair what others cannot!

Our new service facility is a modern 16 bay, ultra clean, well lit and bright workshop with ergonomically designed spacious workstations using the most modern and up to date testing and measuring equipment. Equipped with the latest watchmaking technology, utilizing state-of-the-art computer hardware, analyzing software, and diagnostic tools, we provide unparalleled service with a quick turnaround.

Our certified Master technicians are also highly trained senior level professionals with extensive horological experience who are trained and tested on an ongoing basis, being recertified on an annual basis. We warrantee all the work, and consistently deliver high-quality quick repairs. Our warranty and return rate is practically non-existent, and our customers walk away with a smile. Come in today and experience the next level!


  • We specialize in.

Overhauls, ultrasonic cleaning, restoration, custom work, laser applications, gold, rhodium and silver plating, dial refinishing, luminescent paint, Vibrograph computer timing calibration, batteries, bands, crystals, stems, crowns, parts fabrication, water resistance pressure test, scratch removing, invisible case mending, bracelet
repairs, professional repairs to all makes and models.

  • A Technical capabilities.

Professional water pressure testing, on premises sapphire and crystal installation, made with the latest laser cutting technology. Large inventory of watch parts in stock, All Swiss and Japanese watch movements available. Genuine factory fresh battery replacements available from Swiss, Japanese, German and US manufacturers. All sizes, voltages and milliamps, Comprehensive range of tools and equipment on display for sale and lease.

  • B Quality and Expertise.

Canadian Watch certified trained technicians, skills qualification and certification assessment, mediation services, new computer vibrograph testing in five position with multi-temperature parameters. +6F degrees to -6F degrees and 33F degrees to 46F degrees, testing and evaluation, full servicing of watches and clocks, mechanical, automatic, quartz, pocket watches and antiques, Award-winning service since 1979.

  • C Fast delivery.

Work performed on premises by our own trained technicians, most repairs performed while-you-wait, central location and easy access, first in Canada to offer view repair live via Internet, real-time online repair tracking status 24/7, fast online shipping via FedEx or Express post, Automatic e-mail update notifications.

  • Restoration.

Every service begins with a thorough inspection of the item to determine precisely the service required for optimum performance. The watch is completely disassembled for a close inspection and servicing. Parts in need of replacement are changed for quality components in consultation with the client. Each element is carefully cleaned using a series of cleaning solutions to remove dried oil and lubricants.

Your watch is then reassembled with the utmost precision. Our specialist carefully re-inspect and refit all the tiny components using “total concentration”. Specially formulated Moebius oils and synthetic lubricants are applied so that each watch runs almost friction free.

Every timepiece is carefully tested and timed using modern state-of-the-art computer calibration and pressure tested to determine water resistance.

We take pride in our work and are firmly committed to excellence in performance, reliability and quality in the servicing of your timepiece.

  • Dial Refinishing.

The newest prep station is designed to make the preparation of a product for painting more precise. PMS colors and printing are computer-generated and stored in a database. The software is updated on a regular basis. Our machinery meets the high precision requirements for work on a aluminum, steel, gold and a range of modern alloys. State-of-the-art equipment is complimented by our choice of paints, purchased from Mercedes in Germany.

Watches are prepped in a closed off area under special florescent lights which simulate the color temperature of natural sunlight. Under these lights any flaw in preparation or paint can be seen and corrected.

The paint booth used by Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre combines a state-of-the-art color matching computer with highly sophisticated paint mixing and spray machines. The color can be specified in several ways, ranging from original paint formula to the use of a photo spectrometer to “read” the existing paint and provide the precise formula too match. This means that paint on an older item can be matched more precisely to provide an improved and more seamless job. All work is done using a sophisticated air management and filtration system to create an environment with 2lb, per square inch positive pressure to keep dust out and preserve the healthy working environment.

  • Engraving.

We have expanded our services to include three new types of imaging and can now impress your image or message on virtually any type of metal, crystal or plastics. In addition to conventional CO2 laser, direct photopolymer laser imaging used by Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre renders superior results when compared to CO2 lasers which have limitations in wavelength and harmonics. We also have chemical etching as an alternative to engraving for larger volume orders that require fixed information. Traditional engraving is still offered for small jobs and is often used for that simple and classic look.

  • New laser technology.

Our new ultimate service division now employs the latest in laser application. New technological innovations made through our own research and development specifically for the watch industry truly represent a quantum jump in modern repair technique.
The new E-55 laser is here! It is a potent multi-purpose quad band laser system with an added micro pulse mode. The new E-55 laser is a complete “smart system” rather than being just another laser. It has its own incredible 43 megapixel camera to take a full HD image of the working surface for stunning results. The pulse is controlled by two ceramic blades that vary the aperture hole to optimize the beam quality with sharper focus. Now, with a single wand we can do multiple repairs and efficiently multi-task using only one machine. This allows us to do services unimaginable only a few years ago.

  • Scratch removing and invisible mending.

Our extensive experience and years of combined know-how using equipment we designed and engineered ourselves allows us to do scratch removing and invisible mending to make your item look like new! We are uniquely qualified to repair damaged cases, broken lugs, remove dents and repair mutilated bracelets etc. We can even repair broken in half parts and put them back together with surgical precision. Scratch removing, mending, resurfacing and refinishing can be done in a variety of finishes from polished to satin and bead blasting, and is often an excellent alternative to full replacement, unavailability or discontinued parts.

  • Ultrasonic micro welding.

Coming soon! We are currently in the experimental stages of working on the next-generation of molecular bonding. Ultrasonic welding creates a molecular bond between thermoplastics. Intermolecular friction occurs when a 20 KHz high-frequency, low amplitude vibration is applied to weld parts. Flirting with the laws of physics we discovered that if ultrasounds were used in combination with specially formulated glue dots and a brief exposure to a microwave, the adhesive actually “fused” better at the molecular level making the finished product even stronger than the original factory finish!

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A Professional Watch Service Centre
A professional watch service centre in Toronto Canada with extensive experience since 1979. We have been justifiably renowned amongst jewelers and aficionados for the quality and reliability of our service for over 30 years!