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Retail and Wholesale Brand name Watches in Toronto

  • Experts sales and express service.

Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre is a “master” importer, wholesaler and retailer of watches in Canada specializing in Swiss in Japanese watches. The most up-to-date products are offered backed with our expert after sale service. We selectively choose only the best models offered, making them guaranteed showcase winners. With over a quarter century of buying experience, we know quality and what the customers want.

We have over 4,000 models to choose from, the largest selection and at every price point. Our Toronto showroom now displays all of our popular models, unique samples, and wholesale inventory overstock. Let our skilled staff help you with your watch and clock needs.

  • We specialize in.

Quartz kinetic automatic chronographs stopwatches superslim titanium cryogenic steel HR 56 pilot/aviators digital sapphire ceramic tungsten alarm divers, iso certified chronographs lumibrite water resistant and Emeritus collection allergy free gold and rhodium plated clocks power Canada collection mechanical stopwatches pathfinders atomic solar power

  • Original equipment manufacturing.

As a supplier of high-quality manufactured watches, we believe in high-quality service. Our production and service division uses the latest in technology and production design. Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centreis a supplier of some of the brands you know and have come to respect. We have an enviable history of helping brand-name companies to establish their watch collections which they have manufactured through us.

Let our professional marketing team and in-house designers go to work for you. Our experience guarantees our customers receive a full package of guaranteed product and service. We have a full selection of attractive models and can even fabricate to your design or concept. We can even provide a working prototype model made with our proprietary resins that you can touch and examine before your order is even approved for production.

No other Canadian watch supplier can go from concept to initial drawing, to technical development, and deliver a high quality working sample as quickly as Canadian watch imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre. Each and every model is scrutinized as it is passes through a final, independent quality check consisting of a computer calibration, and advanced pressure testing. Only then can the product be shipped after being stamped with your choice of holographic QC labelling or optional laser inscribed serial numbers.

  • 3-D design applications.

Our professional team can now keep abreast through the use of a available 2-D and advanced 3D CAD software. Canadian watch imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre can accelerate any product time to market by using this new technology. These tools have reduced the number of steps our designers need to take by allowing faster communication within engineering workgroups and our staff. Large geographically dispersed teams can now manage all of the product and data management. Toughest challenges are a thing of the past through cutting edge software. Our company can now focus more on design and innovation and not on how to fix product data management and design verification. Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre designs more work in less time saving you both time and money.

  • Private labels.

We take the approach that working with a client to achieve their total satisfaction is the only way to conduct business. Your success is our success, and to help you succeed we tailor make a wide range of excellent products and services, with different specifications and at competitive prices. We source the best components and parts, and assemble them in our facility. Our designs are innovating, up to date, trendsetting, and every model is bound to please the eye of the discriminating buyer. Large volume orders can be completed off shore in world-class facilities.

Contact us for your private label projects, or to come and view our in-house branded products. (All watch movements we use are manufactured in Switzerland or Japan to the highest standards of ISO 9000.)

  • Custom logo and design.

To commemorate an important milestone or to recognize exceptional performance, achievement or merit, Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre is uniquely qualified to find just the right watch or clock at the right price. Our expert staff will work with you to create that custom design and add a colorful logo. Through our own innovative research and development, we have the technology to offer precision design and full color dial imprinting services at a fraction of the normal cost. For a lasting impression we can also engrave your logo or message on the case back, bracelet buckle clasp or box using our traditional engraving or CO2 laser for that clean look. There are no required minimums.

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Buy retail and wholesale brand name watches in Toronto Canada, We specialize in Swiss and Japanese branded watches, having over 4,000 models to choose from, the largest selection and at every price point.