Watch parts, tools, bands and dial refinishers, Canada

Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre has an extensive inventory of parts and tools. All inventory, product details and technical data have been catalogued and stored in a data base, which is updated regularly. Many discontinued and obsolete parts can be fabricated in our workshops.


Never assume that a watch or clock is too old or obscure to be repaired. We have the largest inventory of parts in stock, from the very old to the newest quartz components.


Extensive inventory of both quartz and mechanical parts, Swiss and Japanese.


Complete line of tools and equipment, including top quality ‘Bergeon’ equipment, together with a complete range of other fine Swiss and Japanese equipment.


Mineral crystal, sapphire, polycarbonate and new Anti-Reflective (AR) coated. Lens replacements of all sizes, diameters, thickness, curvatures, trims, shapes and all types in stock. Advanced, laser cut and micro bevel polishing guarantees perfection for custom requirements.


Where old world tradition meets cutting edge new world technology. We can engineer and fabricate the most detailed parts including the most tiny intricate with equipment the we designed and engineered. Microscopic parts are serviced with surgical precision utilizing the most advanced 3D stereoscopic equipment.


Fresh, genuine factory original replacement batteries in stock for Swiss, Japanese, German and US watches. All sizes, voltages and milliamps available including the latest heavy duty industrial commercial type and LSR rating. We will install the battery for you.


The largest variety in North America! Every size, shape, colour, length, stitch, and model, including stainless steel, two-tone, gold-plated, genuine leather, crocodile, alligator, lizard, sharkskin, carbon fibre, PVC, PU, rubber, silicone, velcro, nylon, kevlar, etc. Every quality, grade and style. All genuine factory, OEM or quality aftermarket. All in stock and on display.


Bracelet links, link extensions, clasp extensions, components, reinforcement, attachment joint, riveted steel bar, spring bar, friction bar, screw, buckle, clasp, end pieces, etc all in stock including obsolete & discontinued models. Custom fabrication for most items done while-u-wait. If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere!


We have the most comprehensive watch winder selection. Professional grade watch winders, luxury boxed and maintenance free watch winders. We have everything from the compact scalable, carbon fibre contemporary look, classical piano finish right up-to the full grand scale hand made book matched casewood.


Every size, tube and tap available, including original, OEM and aftermarket: steel, titanium, gold plated, anodized metal, cabochon stone, waterproof, dustproof, screwdown and pushbutton style etc.


All stems, split stems, stem extensions, case tubes etc available for all caliber movements.


Professional water pressure testing equipment used to determine water resistance. Advanced dry Hyperbaric vacuum and water pressure test.


Computer calibration with auto selection for fine accuracy tuning of watches. Measured in 10 pendant position. NEW! Analyzing computer hardware utilized to scan and diagnose any caliber movement.


We utilize micro laser welding equipment. This equipment allows watch repair and fabricating techniques impossible only a few years ago.


NEW: Invisible mending done on impossible jobs with surgical precision. We can successfully do what others cannot.


We use environmentally safe products to make hands, markers and indicators glow ultrabright. Available in green, white and orange.


We provide highly specialized gold, rhodium, rose gold and silver plating in a wide range of finishes to meet your needs. Several categories and types of metal refinishing, encompassing different levels of complexity and costs. Our production meets the high technical quality standards and requirements for surface engineering.


Serial number (S/N) and part number (P/N) inscription available, UV security paint flake (warranty tamper seal), tamper proof case back gaskets, warranty void seal with red dye, and holographic stickers.


Lab garments for sale compatible with clean rooms of class 1000 (ISO class 6 or higher),Tychem 450 suit and TC 740 (Level B), Tyvek coverall, bouffant, lint free gloves and cover booties available including re-useable & disposable and N100 respirator masks.


Adhesive washable sticky floor mats by Dycem, Ionizing / electrostatic discharge blow bars, air cleaner / hepa filter, static dissipative vinyl mats and discharge wrist cuffs, sanitizing iso-clean pads, eyewash stations and nano UV light.


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Watch Parts, Tools, Bands And Dial Refinishers, Canada
Dial refinishers, watch parts and tools Toronto Canada. We have an extensive inventory of parts and tools. All inventory, product details and technical data have been cataloged and stored in a database, which is updated regularly.