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Importer wholesaler watches Toronto

Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre is an expert Watch Sales and Service Centre in Toronto Canada since 1979. We are experienced “Grandmasters” who are true enthusiasts and are passionate about the work we do everyday. We have generations of expertise and understand that, to be successful, you must first provide the most impeccable service experience anywhere and then deliver it with genuine care and dedication that is tailor-made for complete customer satisfaction. This is a promise that works, and has kept us alive for over 30 Award-winning years! We now have three divisions to serve you better.

  • Sales

For over 30 years we have designed and manufactured our own unique products in Canada. Our innovative designs are always at the forefront of contemporary luxury, as we continue to successfully adapt to changing styles and emerging trends. Using our traditional know-how and sense of design, we always invest a little extra time in the fine details to make sure our products are unique and have just the right look. Our products are brilliantly engineered so our clients can be assured that our pledge to quality and service can remain uncontested.

We also carry a comprehensive line of luxury Swiss and Japanese name-brand watches that are guaranteed showcase winners. These watches are specifically chosen for their perfect balance of class leading value, quality, performance and endless reliability. Not all watches are created equal and subtle differences in design and engineering can have a huge impact on the product’s longevity. Our clients want the best! With this in mind, and with over a quarter century of buying experience, our team hand selects all of our products with a keen eye on quality and provides for you a premium selection.

  • Service

For your high-quality timepiece, we have our own high-performance service division. Today’s luxury watches are serious precision-engineered masterpieces that you count on. Time is precious, and so is your watch. You want quality, service and, above all, trust! Our service facility is a fully-equipped, technologically-advanced, state-of-the-art, modern 16 bay, ultra-clean and bright Service Centre utilizing the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and tools. Whats more? We are also the first and only environmental-friendly Watch Service Centre in Canada that uses leading edge natural solutions and are in the most innovative designed green building.

Our service department is renowned for the ability to fix problems that others cannot or refuse to solve. We have the valuable experience and in-depth knowledge necessary to repair some of the most unique watches in the world. With our determination and ingenuity, we have innovated and engineered practical solutions for countless impossible one-of-a-kind challenges. We can successfully repair what others cannot. This is a professional service that only comes with experience and simply cannot be replicated anywhere!

We also service many of your timepieces on the premises while-you-wait. Your time is valuable, so that’s why we created our super-convenient new E2 Service Centre. Think of it as a Formula One “Pit Stop” for watches – a technologically-advanced intensive care unit where you will see all the diagnostic computers, right tools and equipment ready to work on your timepiece in lightning-quick time. Our new E2 Service Centre is complemented with our own parts department, so you will have of all your repairs done here cost-effectively, expeditiously and, best of all, in one convenient trip.

  • Parts

Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre has an extensive inventory of parts, equipment and tools to complete your ultimate service experience. All inventory, product details and technical data have been catalogued and stored in a database, which is updated regularly. We have the largest selection of parts, discontinued and obsolete parts, as well as hard-to-find items. In addition to stocking parts, we have the expert ability to fabricate new parts. Our workshops are well equipped to handle all traditional restoration procedures and can even fabricate new parts for your components from scratch using state-of-the-art 3D computers, laser technology and micro CNC milling technology.

  • Why Canadian Watch Imports?

At Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre our straight-forward business acumen, hard work and good old-fashioned practices guarantee you will have a pleasurable experience each and every time. The moment you enter, you will know first hand that you are dealing with a professional where everything is done right. This feel is intangible and is what differentiates us from all others.

Your success is our success, and at Canadian Watch Imports – Watch Sales and Service Centre we feel this is the only way to do business. This has been our mission to which we have dedicated ourselves for more than 30 years and to which we remain committed to today and for all future generations to come. Come in today and become part of that tradition and experience the next level.


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Importer wholesaler watches Toronto
Importer wholesaler watches Toronto Ontario Canada. Canadian Watch Imports is an expert Watch Sales and Service Centre in Toronto Canada since 1979.